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National Federation MMA Championship-2021, Mumbai (MMAFI)

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From 16th to 19th December, MMAFI Mixed Martial Arts Federation, India, successfully conducted the National Federation MMA Championship, 2021 in Mumbai. It was supported by the Maharashtra Mixed Martial Arts Association of Mumbai (MMACSF). Over 12 States and 2 Union Territories participated in this event.

MMAFI President and Organizer Sensei Mayur Bansode said the Federation is overwhelmed by the response of athletes and officials. A major part of Maharashtra and Telangana worked relentlessly to make this event a success

Leading up to the Championship, we were worried that the government could bring in regulations anytime because of the new variant of COVID19 and the rising cases of the Omicron virus. However, we are grateful to our local police authority and BMC for their support for this event. Special thanks to Modern English School Management, Chembur, Mumbai, and MLA Shri. Prakash Phaterpekar for giving us the confidence to conduct this event. We conducted weigh-ins and medical check-ups of over 100 athletes on Day 1 (16th Dec.) to ensure we have followed all health & safety regulations for the well-being of the athletes.

 The Athletes were charged Rs. 2000/- registration fees which included a complete medical check-up (HIV, Hepatitis B & C, CBC, and Lipid Profile Check) with MMAFI National Athlete T-Shirt.

The bouts were placed and timed in such a manner that athletes had enough time to rest before their next bout.

On Day 2 (17th Dec.), we began the qualifying rounds and the road to Semi-Final bouts at the school open ground, which was a closed-door event. The finals were held at a different location.

The Grand Finale was hosted at Priyadarshini Sports Complex, Mulund. The event was attended by 400+ people and had over 70 guests; we ensured social distancing was followed. No one was allowed at the event without a mask. The athletes always remained separated from the audience as per MMAFI’s safety protocol.

All the finalists were given locker rooms and training spots for warm-up and preparation for their bouts on the 1st floor at the venue. Though this arrangement increased production costs, we wanted to ensure the safety of athletes.

We are thankful to Dr. Dipesh Choubesa for sponsoring medical tests and grateful to SRV Hospital for coming on board as a hospital partner.

There was tremendous joy amongst all athletes and the audience to see our Brand Ambassador Prateik Babbar his friends Siddharth Kher, Priya Bannerjee and Asha Negi at the event.

More guests were present, such as Aga Abbas Rizvi (Executive councilor from Ladakh) and Bhushan Lal Dogra (Ex-Minister J & K). They specially came to Mumbai to witness the action at MMAFI National Championship and support athletes from their states.

Shuja Ali ( President of K1L ) and Shlok Rathod, and MP Manoj Kotak gave our events the luster by attending the finals and distributed medals to winners.

MMAFI’s organizing committee decided to give Title belts to the winners of the category, which had more than 16 athletes and anyone of the category for girls. It was the first time athletes were honored by a National Championship Belt at an Amateur event. Even the finalist’s entry to the cage was done on music just like a pro-fighter; after all, the effort required is the same either in a professional or an amateur bout.

We sold the tickets for the finals; we believed that we should create value for the sports and city like Mumbai, where 100s of events takes place over the weekend; we

sold 400 tickets which cost Rs 500/- per ticket, which is an excellent sign for sports. It is an encouraging sign for MMA sports in India that people are ready to pay for the love of athletes and the sport itself.

Towards the end of the finals, MMAFI organized two pro bouts just to take action up a notch. Again, we received a tremendous response on it.

As an organizer, we are happy that the MMAFI team and the athletes, with their coaches who participated, had put in the extra effort to make this event a success.

The feedback from the audience, the organizing committee, the athletes filled our hearts with joy & pride.

The two months’ worth of planning & preparation paid off well! Now really soon, MMAFI will announce its new plan, which will change the scenario of MMA sports in India.


Stand up MMA


52.2 Kg Straw Weight

Akash Deb Purkayastha – winner

Santosh Chouhan – runners up

3rd Place

Akbar Ali

Bobby Vishwakarma


56.7 Fly Weight

Nayan Das – winner

Biswajyoti Das – runners up

3rd place

Mohd. Hossain

Kunal Sinha


70.5 Kg Light Weight

Joyal Peter D’Souza – winner

Devansh Singh – runners up


77.1 Kg Welter Weight

Biplob Das – winner

Sami Sayed – runners up


79.4 Kg Super Welter Weight

Murtaza Ali – Winner

Hitesh Ranawade – runners up



Super Light Weight

Chandresh Kumar Ananddeo Mishra – Winner

Saish Satish Shetty – runners up


Super wt

Hitesh Ranawde

Vedant Dayal Parab




Bantam Weight

Maulika Sharma – winner

Yukta S Moolya – runners up



Amateur MMA


52.2 Kg Straw weight

Dhruv Shirodkar – Winner

Akash Rajendra Kumar Saroj – runners up

3rd place

Rajjab Ali Nababuddin Qureshi

Ismail Munir Chunawala


56.7 Kg Fly Weight

Mohd. Zubair – Winner

Labin James – runners up



Shaikh Anas – Winner

Sharif Ahmed – runners up


65.8 Kg Feather Weight

Nishant Karkera – Winner

Parth Sangle – runners up


Welter weight

Zakir Hussain Siddiqui

Ishaan Shubhangi Ghadke


79.4 Super Welter Weight

Rohan Salwan – Winner

Ishan Ghadge – runners up


Super Light Weight

Bishal Singha

Adnan Anjum Khan





Bantam Weight

Sneha Sawant – Winner

Reshma Sakpal – runners up


Ruthi Lalawmpui Aimol – Winner

Takusenla Imtingangnan – runners up



Pro Bouts

Catch Weight (80 Kgs)

Sagnick Gupta – Winner

Ragunandan – Lost

Welter Weight(77.1 Kgs)

Abhijeet Petkar – Winner

Mehdi Nasirey – Lost

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