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MMAFI Mixed Martial Arts Federation, India is the biggest, inclusive, and most democratic MMA Federation in India. MMAFI is a central government registered Non-profit organization which works across the nation for the development of sports of Mixed Martial Arts.
MMAFI issues license and sanctions professional MMA bouts after ensuring that the promoter is following all the protocols and safety measures of athletes set by MMAFI and also promote sports of Mixed Martial Arts in India by organizing amateur MMA events.
MMAFI regulates all contests or exhibitions of unarmed combat, including the licensure and supervision of promoters, mixed martial artists, kickboxers, ring officials, managers, ring announcers, and matchmakers.

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State Affiliations

Become an Affiliated state and join our hand in promoting the Sport of Mixed Martial Arts across India.

Club Affiliations

Get your Club / Gym / Dojo Registered with MMAFI. Our aim is to unite all national MMA clubs for officials training & athlete safety.


Become a registered Fighter and give your Martial Arts career a boost, with benefits of learning from best athletes all over India.

Our Moto

MMA Federation, India is one of the fastest growing body which governs the sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in India. With Strong Affiliation in major states and union territories, we are the most promising organization of the country. Following are the main Moto of our Federation :-

Promoting MMA

MMAFI is working on promoting the sports of MMA from the grassroots of India by educating athletes, coaches, and officials with rules and regulations and criteria being followed for athletes' safety.

Creating a Platform

Create a platform to bring professional promoters and athletes to one place.

Organizing Events

Create a platform for athletes by organising MMA events (Training seminars and officials seminars, Amateur and professional championships) all over India. We are creating opportunities for athletes and officials in International events.

Discover our members

We are the team of Passionate People who are from various backgrounds like Martial Arts, Sports Enthusiast, Promoters, etc. who have come together to form a organization which is dedicated towards uplifting the Sport of MMA in India

Mr. prateik babbar

hon. ambassador 

Actor, MMA and BJJ Practitioner

Mr. Mayur Bansode

Hon. President

Mr. Shiba Pradhan

hon. General Secretary

Mr. Surendra Pandey

Refree Council Chairman

Mr. Nihar Londhe

National Coordinator

What people say about us ?

As an ex-deputy director of National Sports council of Nepal and current Chief Instructor of Nepal Karate Federation, we will always support Mixed Martial Arts Federation, India. I have personally known Mayur as an athlete and he was one of the best fighters in Karate and Kick boxing from India. So i am very confident that he will lead this federation responsibly. My best wishes to him and his team.

-Hira Singh Dangol
Ex-Deputy Director, National Sports Council, Nepal & Chief Instructor of Nepal Karate Federation

I am very glad to know that mma is gaining popularity in India under agies of Mmafi, as a fighter its my personal experience that mmafi is very keen about fighter’s safety

– Paulo Silva
Brazilian MMA Fighter

MMAFI is a sports body that is committed in letter and spirit to its mission of increasing awareness and practise of MMA in the country. We were fortunate to have their support in the ideation and execution of the combat sport event at the world famous Sonpur Mela. Having closely seen their passion and dedication to the sport, we would be happy to associate with them again and support them as required.

-Nikita Kale
Atul Machinery Trading, Bihar, India

Mixed Martial Federation, India is doing a great job by teaching MMA to underprivileged children in Bangaluru, Karnataka under the leadership of Sensei Siju Thomas Daniel.

– Katsumasa Maruo san
Deputy Consul-General, Consulate-General of Japan in Bengaluru

What is MMA?

Martial Arts history starts from ancient times in India. However, Modern MMA history starts from UFC 1. When UFC used the term Mixed Martial Arts, around the same time, similar combat sports events were organized with a different name like Vale Tudo in Brazil, Pride and Shoot Boxing (standing Vale Tudo) in Japan all these full-contact combat sports based on striking, grappling and ground fighting with minimum rules or no rules.

Introduction of Unified MMA rules in MMA

  • Unified MMA rules were agreed upon and adopted by most athletic commissions in the year 2000 and made mandatory to govern medical requirements, weight classes, athlete attire, gears, round duration and number of rounds per bout, prohibition of substances, along with referee and judging criteria.
  • Due to the unified rules, it helps to ensure athlete safety and fair game, so most of the athletic commission and promotors now prefer to follow Unified MMA rules for professional MMA bouts.
  • In 2009 ABC ( Association of Boxing Commission ) adopted Unified MMA rules and proposed amateur unified MMA rules.
    MMAFI also has experienced certified MMA officials in Unified MMA rules and continues to follow the rules in the future, too, for professional and amateur bouts.

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