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The Youth of Martial Arts: Good for the Kids and the Future of MMA

Kids and youth martial arts has been popular in the past few years with the rise of mixed martial arts gyms all over the country. MMAFI takes the first initiative in India to organize an event for the younger generations to develop the sport and produce future champions.

(Mumbai, India)March 7th, 2022: Youth who train in MMA, including BJJ, wrestling, Muay Thai, or any other martial art, are taught discipline, dedication, hard work, respect, and how to help others around them. Keeping this in mind Mixed Martial Arts Federation, India, organized MMAFI Contender Event in Mumbai from 5th to 6th March 2022 for youth and adults from 12 to 18+years.

Since kids don’t have the same opportunities for exposure and sponsors to offset these expenses of train and participating in MMA events as the adults do. There is one organization out there that is dedicated to the youth.

This organization is unique and very important to the kids who participate in martial arts. These kids now have opportunities to get exposure and share with their fellow athletes all the hard work they have put into their training. We had over 103 athlete registrations for this two-day event. The event was categorized in age and weight classes such as U14, U16, U18 (Novice Rules), and Amateur MMA for Above 18. Each of them has two different rules books by keeping safety in mind for the kids and youth.

There are many kids and adults training in martial arts today. Hopefully, every one of them will find their way to MMAFI’s Contender Events because this group is helping to develop and promote all of the athletes who are making the future of MMA a bright one.

Mr. Mayur Bansode (President MMAFI) states: “The event’s primary goal is to encourage children to participate in the combat sports, learn technicality of the sports which will also develop their personality and discipline in life. I’m happy that kids, their parents, and their coaches took the endeavor to make the MMAFI Contender 2022 a grand success.”

About MMAFI MMAFI is a National Federation of MMA for Amateur and Professional MMA sports and governing MMA body in India. The Federation comprises MMA athletes, coaches, and officials from India and works as a non-profit organization.

MMAFI is registered in MSME in 2019 and MCA in 2021 with the support of 15 states.

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