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Prateik Babbar Backs MMA Sports in India

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Amid the COVID pandemic recovery, MMAFI President Mayur Bansode and Brand Ambassador Prateik Babbar are determined to make MMA a mainstream sport in India. Moreover, they look to offer their fighters an international platform in the most expedient manner.
(Mumbai, India) October 26th, 2021: (MMAFI) Mixed Martial Arts Federation, India welcomes renowned Bollywood actor Prateik Babbar as an Ambassador.
Prateik Babbar has given us a lots of hit movies like Ek Deewana Tha, Dhobi Ghat, Chichhore, Jane tu..Ya Jane Na, and many more. But few of us know that Prateik is a regular practitioner of MMA and BJJ, and he whole-heartedly promotes MMA & BJJ in his social media stories and post.
Prateik has been training with Celebrity Coach Rohit Nair (International MMA athlete & MMAFI referee) for more than three years. After two years of training, in the year 2020, Prateik achieved two strips on his BJJ white belt.
Prateik Babbar added, “I am thrilled to be associated with MMAFI as it will present an open opportunity for talented yet unsupported fighters to compete against one another and have the chance to make a mark on a National Stage; at a deeper level than before.”
MMAFI President Mayur Bansode said, ” It’s very good news for the whole MMA community in India that the world’s one of the biggest film industries now recognizes MMA sports and gives combat sports a place in the Movies. And when a celebrity such as Prateik Babbar, who trains in MMA, officially accepts the post of Brand Ambassador, it’s predictable that MMA sport will make a big impact not only in the sports industry but also in the Indian Film Industry. “
MMAFI is a National Federation of MMA for Amateur and Professional MMA sports and governing MMA body in India. The Federation comprises MMA athletes, coaches, and officials from India and works as a non-profit organization.
MMAFI is registered in MSME in 2019 and MCA in 2021 with the support of 15 states.
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