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A Grand Welcome To The Ladhak Team after National Federation MMA Championship

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The team was led by its coach and pro-fighter Mehdi Nasirey. After traveling thousands of miles to Mumbai, the team was pumped to be part of the championship.

(Mumbai, India) December 21st, 2021: After tolling rounds of qualifying, quarter-finals, and semis on Day 2 and 3, of the National Federation MMA Championship, the fighters from Ladhak made it to the finals.

All eyes were set on them, hauling from a city with a population of not more than 3 lakh people. They showed the nation how sturdy and focused they were to win! The fighter Morteza Ali won the gold medal in Super Welter Weight Catagory. The grand finale was lit up with their exuberance and by the presence of Hon. Mohd. Hassanain and Akbar Ali.

Hon. Mohd. Hassanian said: “The turn-up of the crowd at the event is unbelievable; they showed us so much love and supported the sports intensely. I would like to invite MMAFI on behalf of the Ladhak authorities to host an MMA Fight Night in Ladhak and inspire youth in the region to become top-level athletes.”

When the news of the gold medal win and overall being the second runner-up at the National-Level reached Ladakh, it became a huge celebration. The crowd was gathered in hundreds to welcome the winners at the airport. A grandiose rally was arranged to celebrate their victory and encourage more such participation in the near future events.

Mr. Mayur Bansode (President MMAFI) states: “It is exactly what we wanted to achieve from an event like this. It’s all for the fighters and development of sports in the regional areas such as Ladhak. For us, the success is not just of the event but the fighter being celebrated by their people is the true success.”About MMAFI MMAFI is a National Federation of MMA for Amateur and Professional MMA sports and governing MMA body in India. The Federation comprises MMA athletes, coaches, and officials from India and works as a non-profit organization.

MMAFI is registered in MSME in 2019 and MCA in 2021 with the support of 15 states.

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