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Rule Set :-
  1. Time: 10 minutes/bout
  2. Decision by submission only
  3. All Submissions except Heel Hooks, Knee Reap, Joint Cranks (Head, Spine, Neck), small joint manipulation will be allowed. Any of the forbidden moves performed will be FOUL and they are subject to ‘one warning’ or direct DQ.
  4. No hits of any kind will be allowed. Hit will be foul and can result in “one” warning or direct DQ depending on intention and impact.
  5. Slams or Spiking not allowed. FOUL and DQ policies remain the same. In case of Spiking it will lead to a direct DQ
  6. If match is tied with no result, it will proceed to SUDDEN DEATH.
    • 2 SUDDEN DEATH rounds of 2 min. each. Both athletes will be given a chance to attack & defend.
    • Sudden death to start from seatbelt position.
    • If both attackers submit their opponents, the one who took lesser time to submit his opponent wins.
    • If both defenders escape the seatbelt position, the one who escaped quicker wins.
    • If there is no submission or escape and the sudden death is tied, further rounds of sudden death to follow till there is a result.
    • Attacker – One who starts the sudden death in the seatbelt position and aims to submit his opponent.
    • Defender – One who defends himself/herself in a sudden death situation.
  7. Tech Director's decision will be final

  8. Fees- Rs. 2000 Per Athlete
    Last Day of Registration is 12th December 2023 10:00 PM.

    Note :- fees is strictly not refundable but transferable

    Payment Must me Made in the following account :-
    Name:- MMAFI Mixed Martial Arts Federation of India
    A/C no.:- 9082759938
    IFSC Code:- KKBK0001373
    Bank:- Kotak Mahindra Bank
    Branch:- Tilak Nagar, Chembur
    Type:- Saving A/C